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Cederroth is part of the Orkla Group

Cederroth AB is part of the Orkla Group and business area Orkla Care (formerly Orkla Home & Personal).
In August 2015 was Orkla's acquisition of the Swedish company Cederroth approved by the competition authorities in the various countries. Cederroth has operations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Spain. The company has four plants.
Cederroth and its different categories are integrated with companies Orkla Home & Personal Care (formerly Lilleborg) and Orkla Health. The combined companies in Sweden, Denmark and Finland have been named Orkla Care AB, Orkla Care A / S and Orkla Care Oy.
"In light of our Nordic expansion and internationalization, we found it necessary to review the names of both the business area and the different companies. The name Care has been chosen because it is an accurate description of the different categories in which we operate. Care (care) reflects our concern for human well-being in the form of clean clothing and housing, personal well-being and health, "says Stig Ebert Nilssen, Orkla Executive Vice President and CEO of Orkla Care.
Business area Orkla Care has a total annual turnover of NOK 6.5 billion and operates in seven countries.
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