BliwBliwMildness in its purest form


Launched in 1968, Bliw was the first ever liquid soap to be sold in stores. The formula, design and colour of the product have evolved over the years. In 2002, the round bubble shaped container became even rounder in design, thanks to Alessi designer Stefano Giovannoni and in 2005 the first bubble created through a design collaboration with Nordic designers was launched. In the spring 2009 Bliw was relaunched with a new design and with new fragrances and at the same time Bliw became eco-labelled. Today, Bliw is the market leader in Finland and one of the largest liquid soap brands in Sweden and Norway.

A mild soap inspired by nature’s pantry

Bliw is a mild and gentle soap available in fragrances and colours that are inspired by Nordic nature. The soap is soft, creamy and foams generously even in salt water, hard and cold water. Bliw is produced in Sweden with an eco-friendly soap formula approved by The Swan Nordic Ecolabel, which guarantees less influence on the environment.

Excellent Nordic design everyday

Bliw has collaborated on several occasions with Nordic designers who have been commissioned to create a new graphic design for the Bliw bubble. The first of these design collaborations took place in 2005 with the Ten Swedish Designers group, resulting in a red bubble with white print.

In 2006, a black and white bubble was launched – the result of a design competition among young art and design students in the Nordic region. In 2007, the green and turquoise bubbles were launched, which were the result of a design collaboration with the Finish clothing brand Nanso. In 2009, we launched a soap dispenser in a design collaboration with a Sami artist.